Jerry & Diesel

We train at Adlerhorst police k-9 center in Riverside CA, and will be attaining his police certification which is rare for an American Bulldog or any dog for that matter which isn't an import. Diesel is 2 years old (11/99) and 90lbs with a drive level that is as intense as a shark attack. He is out of a dog named Rocco from suregrip who is out of Hannibal the Cannibal the damn of Rocco was Cathgal. Both these dogs go back to such dogs as Bulldog Drummond, Red machine, Sargent Rock, Incredible hulk and many more. Diesels mom is Ruby who is out of Jaws of Stone Jake. Dogs on her side go back to Predator 2 generations back , Jet bitch,White Fang, Rip n Woody, Slashin Sheena painters Zeke and many more. Hopefully if everything goes well he will be certified late this coming year.

He can do building searches, car jackings he has been sent underground in bomb bunckers 18ft through a 2ft tunnel to get bad guys, he has been sent under houses to bite he shows good nerves to be able to commit in these situations. He is the kind of dog you would want in a real life situation.